Logistcs IT Consulting

Consultative logistics support in the field of IT solutions guarantees the achievement of greater efficiency and optimization of the logistics operations of this company.
The purpose of logistics IT consulting is to provide support and expert advice in the implementation of information technologies in the field of logistics.
When should I order IT consulting for logistics?
  • You lose control over the logistics chain.
  • Chaotic processes.
  • Inefficient interconnection of departments.
  • Dishonest distribution of applications between carriers.
  • Low speed of picking orders in the warehouse.
  • Complaints, shortages and reordering.
The quality of the implementation of the automation system is affected both by the decision itself and by the ability of the experts implementing the program to delve into the core of business processes of the enterprise and connect the system functions with the real activity of the enterprise.
Our team is ready to take on the solution of these tasks.

IT consulting in logistics from Logisticon

Audit and diagnosis of existing business processes in order to identify problem areas (organizational structure and interaction of divisions; management of transportation, fleet; management of warehouse, stocks; interaction with buyers);
Study of documentation and reports (technological maps, instructions, car go circulation, staff list, complaints reports, inventories);
Interviewing managers and employees, customers and suppliers;
Analysis of software and technological equipment;
Making proposals for optimization and reengineering of business processes;
And based on the received data, we develop and implement a logistics optimization project.