Client's personal account

The client's personal account / Office for 3PL operators is designed specifically to perform the following functions:
Leftovers control
LOGISTICON WMS keeps accurate records of the goods movement in the warehouse. You can check leftovers, demand and movement of goods in real time. The system provides reports and analytics that help identify deficiencies, optimize stocks and reduce the risk of losses.
Creation of shipment requests
Creating shipment requests in the WMS system is a fairly simple and automated process: order selection, product selection, quantity determination, preparation for shipment, shipment confirmation.
SMS notification to the responsible person
SMS notification is a quick, easy and effective way to send important information to the responsible person in the WMS system. It helps to ensure operational communication and provides the ability to respond quickly to changes or problems.
The possibility of integration with the online store
The LOGISTICON WMS system can be integrated with an online store to provide automated order processing and inventory control. This integration allows you to reasonably distribute goods between different warehouses or locations depending on demand.
Flexible reporting according to the customer’s requirements
This may include selecting the required fields, sorting, filtering and grouping the data in the report. Data can be exported to various formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV. This allows customers to create their own reports using external tools or analytics programs.
Individual print design for each customer
Allows you to adapt documents to the specific needs of customers, customize the design of printing invoices, labels, reports, etc. Customers can define their own print templates, including logos, addresses, data formats and other elements.